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Road trip finale- April 25-29

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Well, I finally got myself pried out of the Hallmark Inn 2 minutes before checkout time… I just did not want to leave!

I called friends in Vancouver, WA & arranged to meet them for lunch. After all this traveling alone & meeting new people, it was really good to see some old friends. And it turned out that E’s daughter is a really talented artist, and I got to meet her & see some of her work.

Then got to Olympia, WA, called another old friend & chatted for a while.

April 26 I made a speed-trip to Pt Townsend to pick up some stuff from storage and had lunch with a friend I’d missed in my last whirlwind visit. We ate at The Spot, and had wonderful soup! I’ve never seen a “soup sampler” before (3 different kinds of yummy soup!) and it was great.

Then on to Seattle where P&J met me & helped me move all my gypsy stuff into their apt. Went out to dinner & saw their beautiful new house, and then “home” to my first night in my new digs in West Seattle.

April 27-29 So… I’m kind of settling in… This is the first time I’ve lived in a “city” (They tell me West Seattle is a place apart…) Not sure what’s next, but I’ve got all my gadgets hooked up & am getting the laundry done. I’ve gotten to see both of my boys & my DIL-to-be, which is great; I’ve really missed them!

I’m going to PT tomorrow… (storage again!) managed to get all my errands (oil change, haircut, etc) arranged so that I can be there on a Friday, which means (YES!) I get to go to Conversation Cafe and see a LOT of friends all at once. I need to do a post on Conv Cafe, b/c it’s one of my favorite things.

Can you believe… this trip was over 7000 miles, and Max the Prius did not have a single problem? I heart that car! And I did not lose one single electronic charger. And only ate fast food one time (Post, TX) I’m very proud of us! But I need a nap now…

Roadtrip- April 19-21

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010
Sunset @ Gold Beach, OR

Sunset @ Gold Beach, OR

April 19– Spent another day in Mendocino/Ft Bragg.  I went to see the Sea Glass Beach in Ft Bragg. It is absolutely amazing. The sea hits what used to be Ft Bragg’s town dump, and all the broken glass is churned until it covers the cove. Here’s an idea of what it looks like. I do collect sea glass, but it’s verboten to collect here, so I stuck my hands in my pockets & left it for others to enjoy.

Then went to the Mendocino Coast Botanical Garden. Because it was a weekday, I had it almost to myself. I wandered all over. Checked out the organic vegetable garden, the benches overlooking the ocean and the Cliff House, which is great for stormy days. It’s about 1/2 a mile each way from the entrance to the ocean cliff.

Finally, I went back to Mendocino. And stumbled on the cutest shop- Perfume Mendo! (aka Gallery of the Senses). It’s run by a couple. He makes furniture grade stereo speakers; she has the widest range of perfumes I’ve ever seen. (and yes, I’ve been to Nordstrom). They even have their own blends. I tried about a hundred, but came out with the first one suggested- Mendocino Midnight. Smells like campfire, musk, something floral and maybe a hint of… cannabis?

April 20– Mostly spent driving to Arcata. I took the slowest, most scenic route. That means I saw a LOT of ocean & a LOT of redwoods. I also stopped in Loleta, CA to taste and buy cheese.  And of course, drove through Ferndale to see the beautiful Victorians. And btw, a lot of beautiful Jersey cows. If you’re a fan of Humboldt ice cream, this is where it comes from!

I mainly spent the night in Arcata & then pushed on. My hotel’s internet connection was down, which put me in a cranky mood. But yes, I should have spent more time in Eureka & Arcata.

April 21– I drove and drove and drove. Mostly scenic byways. Saw an elk herd, lots of redwoods, lots of beaches. I’ll never tire of that. At one point, when I was really drooping, I passed a sign that read: San Francisco 230 miles. OMG! That was last Saturday. I’m really moving slowly now, but this coast is one of my favorite places, and it’s been a long time.

I finally made it into Oregon. And drove for a while, thinking to get up to Bandon. But… I was passing thru Gold Beach, and decided to eat. And then I decided to stay. I found a really cute place, and got a room that overlooks the whole beach! With a balcony! So I’m staying 2 nights 😉

Lots of new photos!

Hasta luego!

Road Trip- April 5-7

Thursday, April 8th, 2010
Sedona Pink Jeep Tours

Sedona Pink Jeep Tours- Since 1959!

I ended up staying 3 nights in Sedona. Could easily have stayed longer; I really liked it there. There are lots of photos on flickr.

Most of what I was doing was plain old resting up. But I also got the car’s oil changed, did laundry, took a Pink Jeep tour, explored the town and ate at the Barking Frog. (Cactus Fries are terrific! Think nopales salad, but breaded & fried. OMG…)

The Jeep tour was great! It wasn’t too strenuous, but I got to walk around & inspect a cliff dwelling. It was so amazing to see the fingerprints in the mortar. And there were LOTS of pictographs & some petroglyphs as well. The weather was absolutely perfect, and what was amazing is that I called @ 7AM & was able to get in on a tour @ 8:30. They really have a very streamlined operation.

Let’s see, the first day was windy, so I mostly explored the town via the Trolley. It was fun, but I’m still not in a shopping mood. I think I bought a latte 😉 And an oil change.

I didn’t really get into the vortex thing… I did go in a very nice New Age shop & chatted w/the owner a bit. And later on, went into a bookstore where I bought “Chakra Tonics” which actually has a very good description of chakras, and some good recipes.

Basically, I was just resting & letting my soul catch up w/my body again. Tonight I’m in Bakersfield, and then I’ll be in Fresno for Thurs- Sun.

Coming down into the Valley from AZ made me realize all over again that California is still “home” to me, whatever home means. The Mojave is blooming, but seeing those green-furred hills with live oaks… well, it’s one of my homeplaces.

Road Trip Apr 3 & 4

Monday, April 5th, 2010
Los Colores- Orlando's in Taos

Los Colores- Orlando's in Taos

Ok, when I last left you, I had arrived in Taos, NM- barely. I’d really been looking forward to Taos, and a lot of friends whose opinions I trust love it.

Maybe it was the weather (really nasty cold windy) or me (really cold exhausted road-weary- possibly nasty), but it was kind of a let down. The first morning, when I was almost human again, I jumped (ok levered myself) into the car & took a tour around town @ about 7, before the traffic got heavy. Kind of marked a few places to visit when things opened.

I hadn’t had anything to eat for way too long, so I had brunch @ Orlando’s, which I can highly recommend if you like New Mexican food. Which is quite different from Mexican food. Their posole had a lot more hominy, and everything was muy picante (HOT!) which is how I like it.

Anyway, I went to a few little shops but one, I was tired and two, it’s kind of stupid to buy things when you’re living out of suitcases & will be for quite a while. So really the only impact I made in Taos was 2 nights in a hotel, a meal and a car wash. Sorry, guys.

Easter Sunday, I drove to Sedona. It was mainly me and the semis. And as I drove down the Oak Creek Canyon road (this is after 8 hrs of driving or so), I really did feel all the strain just leave me. I felt as if I’d just gotten out of bed. So I stopped the car & took a little walk.

You know how I feel about red rock. (If you don’t, go back & read about Moab.) Today I’m going to poke around. Take care of some business (laundry, oil change.) But mainly poke around. Take a look at the Chamber of Commerce site. Where else does Metaphysical & Spiritual Services have its own listing?

Just added a few quick pictures. The light was weird, so this doesn’t do Sedona justice @ all.