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TGIF #24

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Beautiful day in FL again. It’s a little chilly (they say) but a perfect day for wandering around downtown Venice w/my aunt, mostly window-shopping.

Tomorrow, I’m on my way to the FL panhandle, with a couple of gorgeous new bathing suits. Good incentive to keep eating seafood & salads.

Here’s some fun stuff for your wkend.

Road Trip- Mar 23-24

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Manatee- Really!

Well, I washed up @ AJ & UD’s place on Manasota Key Tues evening. It was a LOOOONG drive from Savannah, but we made it fine. Max (the Prius) and Seymour, the sock monkey navigator, are doing a terrific job.

Having an aunt and uncle w/beachfront property & a boat totally rocks. I highly recommend it. Especially if they’re fun to hang out with as well.

Yesterday, we motored out to the Fishery, where I had gator for the first time. Now I don’t have to do that again. The shrimp/spinach salad was exquisite.

There was a mama manatee & her baby in the water outside the restaurant. Above is the picture 🙁  Manatees are even more unphotogenic than I. (My aunt actually said yesterday “That’s a pretty good picture- for Sara.” I’m legendary.)

But we also saw: Osprey (lots), dolphins (lots), pelicans (lots.) Probably other things that I”m forgetting. And I’m working on a tan. Slow going… I have to sneak up on it to fool the freckles.

Then home for dinner of mostly hors oeuvres from Morton’s. The pepper- crab soup is unbelievable. And the dips are great, too. And then off to bed. A whole new day awaits.

Road trip- Mar 19-22

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

States: VA, NC, SC, GA

Whew! I’ve barely caught up w/myself, let alone the blog.

Let’s see… Friday am I took off from Strasburg, VA & drove to Wilmington, NC, to visit w/a friend from high school. We talk on the phone at least once a wk, but never ran out of things to say all wkend.

Saturday was a gorgeous day. We had lunch out on a pier @ Wrightsville Beach (local shrimp, yum!) And walked on the beach quite a way. Found one piece of sea glass & a few shells. Then on to Carolina & Kure beaches.

I loved looking @ the houses. They’re mostly painted Easter egg colors & are up on stilts. The verandas are a wonder of white woodwork, rockers, hammocks…  I just love verandas & porches.

Sunday wasn’t such a good beach day, but we got a walk in. Then just stayed around the house, chatting & cracking pecans.

Monday, I was off to the races, and Seymour the sock monkey was once again busy navigating me. Now I’m heading down to Sarasota to see AJ & UD. It’s been pointed out that the same main hwy leads to Key West.

Maybe I’ll download some Jimmy Buffett & see what happens?

TGIF #14 and Whales!

Friday, January 15th, 2010
Humpback Whale Tail

Humpback Whale Tail

We were @ Rincon de Guayabitos (there, I finally got the name right) during whale migration, so of course, many of us wanted to see the whales. The main “whale watching” tours were on a Mexican Party Boat, complete with very loud sound system & lots of teenage mexican staff in pink shirts- oh and a bar.

So our fearless leader negotiated a date & time when we “Canadians” (anyone who is not Mexican in Guayabitos is Canadian, including Germans) could enjoy a peaceful whale watching tour, with our own guide doing the honors (It was a little suspicious that the staff didn’t seem to know or care much about whales, but were very good at mixing drinks & dancing.)

We all get out to the boat (including our two nonagenarians) to find that the staff had not gotten the memo, and was regaling us w/margaritas, cervezas, and Mexican rap music sure to drive every self-respecting humpback to Antarctica. The problem was resolved after a few minutes, and we actually did see a pod of 5 whales much closer than is normal. More pix here.

OK, Friday fun, to start your weekend right: