So here I am in Seattle…

April 26th, 2011

View from the window, originally uploaded by sbmilagros.

Yes, I know it’s been a while! And it’s becoming apparent that 1) I need to write and 2) if I don’t, no one, including myself, knows what I’ve been up to.

I’m spending the next couple weeks in Seattle and Port Townsend, reconnecting with family & friends, revisiting my storage unit to swap things out, and selling my car.

That’s right… Max, the wunder-Prius is most likely going to be sold. The way I’m living, having a car is nearly as silly as having a pet (which I don’t.) It’s funny, but somehow not owning a car (even if it’s not in the same country or time zone) is a tough call. One of my sons has NEVER owned a car. It’s a lifestyle choice. And as an American, it’s a pretty radical one.

But I’m thinking that for my needs, zipcar (with branches in DC, Seattle, Toronto & SF) and renting the occasional car makes a lot of sense.

Anyway, I’m having a great time in the PNW. I’ve been staying with each of my sons (we’re not talking couch-surfing… they have real guest rooms!) and my former landlords in PT have offered me a guest room as well. And I hope to be seeing lots of friends in the area. Life is good!

(Next stop, VA May 11. VA friends… get ready!)

Senor’s trip to Cuba

February 17th, 2011

Lady in window, originally uploaded by sbmilagros.

Click here for more pix… Still digesting the experience.

TGIF #44

February 5th, 2011

El Quixote sin Mancha, originally uploaded by sbmilagros.

What does don Quixote have to do with a lavanderia (laundry)? Well, mancha means stain & sin means without. So it’s the laundry without stains… Even in Mexico, there are punsters- beware!

So Candalaria is winding down… The Organic market has moved to the Ancha for a couple wkends. The chili cookoff was last wkend… Friends & friends of friends are arriving daily.

Yesterday, we took some FoF’s around & showed them the ropes. I’m starting to feel like an old hand here, although I still have a lot to learn.

I’ll be out of touch for the next wk or so. Senor is going to Cuba for a wk, which- as he is Canadian- is perfectly legal. He promises to come back w/lots of info & pix for my readers.

Here are some links to cheer us all up:

Candelaria in San Miguel de Allende

February 3rd, 2011

Entrance to Parque Juarez, originally uploaded by sbmilagros.

San Miguel de Allende’s courtyards and rooftops are justifiably famous for their beauty, and it all starts here…

The Candelaria festival at the beginning of Feb  marks the beginning of the gardening season in San Miguel de Allende. Vendors come from all over the region and set up stands in Parque Juarez, selling everything for gardens: roses, orchids, cacti, bamboo… and compost and containers, with live music and seminars on organic, and a seed blessing on the 3rd.

Each path is lined with beautifully decorated booths, and plants both familiar and new. And dodging down the paths are boys and men with wheelbarrows, offering to deliver purchases. Other vendors sell snacks near the park’s entrances.

Last year, the unusually heavy rains put a damper on the festival, but this year, it’s going strong. Activities will continue until Monday the 7th.

In the daytime, it was not too crowded, but the locals come mostly in the evenings after work. More pix!