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Kayaking Whidbey Island

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009
New kayaking friends from Seattle

New kayaking friends from Seattle

Well, I spent the entire day on Whidbey yesterday. For whatever silly reason, I hadn’t been over there for many years, and have never really had a chance to explore on my own.

So I did everything (well, almost everything) all in one day.

The high point was going kayaking from Langley Marina with this very cool family from Seattle. As a singleton, I need to somehow hook up w/groups in order to take a kayak tour, so they were kind enough to include me in. This was the first kayaking trip for V & R, but I have a feeling they’re hooked. I definitely see kayaks in their future.

The grey whales have come back to Langley, and they even have a “ring the bell” system when one is spotted. Unfortunately, I had my whale repellent on, so didn’t see any this time. Nick, our terrific guide from Whidbey Island Kayaking, said they’d gotten about 70 feet away from one last wk on a trip.

It was a kind of blustery day, but we got a nice paddle in, anyway, and had a lot of fun talking. Turns out my adopted family du jour runs a perennial nursery in West Seattle. Isn’t it odd how these things work? So I was pumping them for info on plants & chickens the whole time. Oh, and we are all into Fairy Gardens.

More on my trip later; I’m still recovering!

Talk of the Town

Friday, April 17th, 2009


I love the song “Talk of the Town” from the Curious George CD. That’s what I look for, a place where “the talk of the town is about last night, when the sun went down.”

Last June, 2008 it happened. And I knew I was in the right place. In the middle of the day, we had this incredible celestial light show over the water.

I was out on my lunch break, roaming around as per usual, when suddenly people stopped what they were doing, stepped out into the middle of the street and started pointing. Nobody knew what it was; I heard everything from jet trails to UFO’s mentioned.

But the most incredible thing was that everything STOPPED. There must have been over 100 people downtown, stopping everything else, to stand in the street and point, and talking to each other. Tourists, shopkeepers, fishermen, hippies, ladies who lunch- everybody was in awe, just sharing the moment.

Here’s what we were looking at: Rainbow Clouds

Naked Lady Parties

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

I think other people call them Clothes Swaps. But in PT, they’re Naked Lady Parties.

It all starts when somebody gets bored with all her clothes. In the case of the one I went to, the instigator (S) needed new clothes for a convention she had to go to, but had no dinero to get them.

So here’s how S did it:

She emailed a goodly selection of friends (nice dressers, and a variety of sizes, including hers!) a couple wks in advance.

We all showed up at her house on a wkday evening with all the clothes we no longer wanted, and some snacks.

Snacks were laid out in the kitchen & clothes were piled in the living room, which had several mirrors laid out.

We had about 1/2 an hour to mingle & paw thru the clothes. Trying them on is where the naked ladies part comes in (be sure to wear your cute undies!)

Then each of us took a number (1-15 in this case.) Starting with 1, we each got to choose an item. Anything’s fair game, including something someone else is actually trying on (but not the clothes they wore to the party- be sure to set them in the coat room or you’ll never find them again!)

After about 4 rounds, we each had a few “new” things that we loved, but then we turned it loose, and stopped taking turns. Some people ended up with a lot, and some with only a few things. By the end, we were all exhausted & happy, and there were about 7 bags of leftovers for the local thrift shop.

S has been doing this for years. She says the funniest thing is how one item of clothing makes the circuits. Certain coats or tops have made the rounds thru an entire office and circle of friends.

I guess the part I liked best (besides meeting a lot of great women & having a good time) is that with no $$ involved, it’s a chance to acquire clothing that’s totally not my ususal style. And maybe a little outside my comfort zone. And the funniest thing is that when I wear them, people say “Oh, that’s so you!”